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Learn All 45 Speech Sounds & More!

You're going to train your ear, speech muscles, and brain so that you can master the speech sounds, connected speech, and intonation patterns of Modern Received Pronunciation / Standard Southern British English.

If you want to
‣ pronounce English more clearly and accurately
‣ make your speech sound more fluid & confident
‣ start speaking with a native-like rhythm & melody
this British accent training is for you!

"I have managed to reduce my foreign accent (I'm from Argentina) and now I feel much more confident whenever I speak. The results are absolutely remarkable. Thanks to Katie's expert tuition, I got into an MBA programme and I have progressed a lot in my career (including getting promoted at work) since taking this pronunciation programme."

- Rodrigo Gemin, Entreprise Architect at Mitre 10

All clients enrolled in paid online programmes & e-books will get access to one live group pronunciation workshop on Zoom* (with Q&A). Dates and times for clinics will be communicated via email periodically (through Eventbrite) and you will choose a session that is convenient for you.

*one group workshop for each product purchased, so if 1 person purchases 2 products (e.g. the IPA course plus the 2-month payment plan) they would get access to two clinic sessions (1 per product purchased).