The Perfect Companion to the Video Courses!

In this practical guide to English pronunciation, you will practise the vowel and consonant sounds of Modern RP as well as the most useful native speech patterns.

The e-book is 175 pages long and is a bumper pack for your pronunciation training - with audio!

You'll learn:

  1. spelling to sound mapping
  2. connected speech techniques
  3. the rules of thumb of English intonation
  4. how to use dialogues to work on native speech patterns in real-life contexts

Enjoy this companion to the practical video courses!

Let's transform your pronunciation!

This comprehensive pronunciation e-book with accompanying audio is designed as a companion to the Complete English Pronunciation Course and to British Accent Academy's other courses.

With the Perceiving & Producing Modern RP e-book, you’ll learn all about:

  • how to break down words to make them easier to pronounce
  • navigating irregular spellings 
  • the vowel length myth
  • silent letters
  • key differences between the RP and General American accents
  • connected speech techniques 
  • key intonation techniques and exceptions to the rules
  • how to use the International Phonetic Alphabet for pronunciation training

To further your understanding, the e-book includes opportunities for practice through innovative exercises spanning from quizzes and example dialogues to practice words & phrases, consonant clusters, and new worksheets!

Get the e-book today & accelerate your progress alongside the courses!

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