Are you anxious about pronouncing English incorrectly or do you want to tweak your accent?

Correct your errors and remedy your concerns once and for all and achieve permanently clear and confident English by starting today.

Clear pronunciation means getting your true value across to other people. Achieve success with your clear pronunciation.

In this bundle, you'll find:

All 6 of our bestselling pronunciation & intonation video courses (almost 14 hours of video-based content);

3 e-books with 150 audio practice tracks (real-life dialogues, IPA transcription & phonetic reading exercises);

worksheets, animations, quizzes, completion certificates;

optional LIVE monthly workshops on Zoom with video playbacks for all attendees (at no extra cost)...

The Complete English Pronunciation Toolkit contains everything you need to achieve clear pronunciation.

If purchased separately, total value would be £450. You're saving over £150 by opting for an annual subscription.

Before and After Pronunciation & Intonation Training

Klavdiya (Russian speaker) BEFORE accent training

Klavdiya (Russian speaker) AFTER accent training

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You're going to learn:

  • how to break down words to make them easier to pronounce

  • the mouth positions of the 45 speech sounds of English in context (with video lessons, practice worksheets, animated mouth position videos, and real-life examples)

  • how to navigate irregular spellings 

  • how to avoid the vowel length myth (sheep/ship)

  • how to notice silent letters

  • key differences between the RP and General American accents

  •  how to use the International Phonetic Alphabet to make English pronunciation easier

You're going to learn:

  • the structures of the British English intonation phrase, breaking the tone unit down into its composite parts

  • how to apply the rules of thumb of modern intonation, stress, and tone in real-life situations

  • key exceptions to the rules of thumb of modern intonation, stress, and tone, bearing in mind context

  • how to make use of the principles of modern intonation, stress, and tone across a spectrum of 19 common emotions

  • how to apply principles of English prosody to real-life situations with over 40 real-life dialogue simulations to shadow

Connected Speech
You'll learn:

  • how to blend words and speech sounds together like native British speakers do using real-life contexts

  • how to make use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to navigate irregularity in spelling to sound mapping

  • how to practise real-life speech patterns using real-life dialogues transcribed in IPA

  • how to combine modern intonation, stress, and tone with assimilation, deletion, and other native speech patterns

  • transcription techniques to better understand the mechanics of your own accent and better understand the mechanics of other accents too

“I Have Achieved Remarkable Results”

I have managed to reduce my accent (I'm from Argentina) and now I feel much more confident whenever I speak. The results are absolutely remarkable. With Katie's help, I got into an MBA programme and I have progressed a lot in my career since beginning pronunciation lessons.


“People Understand Me So Much Better”

I find that people understand me better in work meetings, calls, and everyday life. The course has made me aware of sounds that I couldn't even perceive before (let alone pronounce correctly)!


“My Dream Career Started With Accent Training”

Katie is a very gifted teacher. She loves her job, the language, and the students. After taking classes with Katie, I enrolled in a Masters in Voice Studies at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. I have since become a voice teacher!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What sorts of videos and materials are included in the training? What can I expect to find here?

  • Tutorials designed for speakers of your native language.
  • Speech muscle exercises.
  • Videos showing you precisely how to use English vowels, consonants, intonation & rhythm.
  • Live feedback on your speech in regular Zoom training sessions.
  • Mouth animations, quizzes, worksheets, audio tracks on the speech sounds, speech patterns, and intonation rules of Modern Received Pronunciation (neutral, non-regional British accent).

Who will my teacher be?
Your teacher's name is Katie. She's a British accent coach from the UK with particular expertise in intonation, stress placement, and the science of speech perception. With an MA Hons in Linguistics (University of Edinburgh) Katie is also certified by the International Phonetic Association. She has been a teacher since 2011, she is an English pronunciation specialist, and she has helped thousands of non-native clients from all over the world to master clear and confident English Pronunciation. This is your chance to work on your pronunciation with guidance from a true linguistics expert!

Will I get live feedback on my accent?
Yes! This training includes live group class Zoom coaching if you want to take it (at no extra cost). With this training, you are part of an accent learning community. You can access live group workshops every month, where you will receive live correction in real-time. You can watch the workshops back by downloading the playbacks of the sessions.

How do I access pronunciation workshops?
Every month, Katie will send you an Eventbrite invitation for the monthly workshop(s) (held on Zoom with a max of 15 participants per session, current average 5-7 participants per month).

Where can I find the answers to the worksheets within the video courses?
You can find the answers to the worksheets that accompany the Complete English Pronunciation Course as a downloadable file both in the first module of the course (no preview) and in the final module of the course (with a preview).

What should I do if I have a technical problem or a concern about IT?
If you have any technical concerns with the courses, you might find the solution here (e.g. try clearing your caches): If you've tried these tips and you are still having difficulties, please contact the technical team at [email protected] - they will be able to take a look at your user settings on the back end of the platform. You can also email [email protected] for extra support.

How can I get the most out of the courses?
Clients who practise a little bit every day in the mirror will get the most out of these courses. Katie also recommends making regular recordings to monitor progress.

Can I download an app to access my courses through mobile?
iOS users can download the Teachable app and access the courses that way: