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When you can articulate clearly and confidently in English, using intonation fluently, success will follow

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Very competent English speakers, just like you, frequently get judged for having a strong foreign accent or find that they get asked to repeat themselves, which can be very frustrating, especially in a professional environment. Have you experienced this too? You are not alone. Many second-language English speakers who work in the UK or who work in UK markets feel that their strong accent is holding them back professionally and socially.

By taking our English pronunciation training, it is possible to master clear pronunciation and feel proud to speak up at work and in your life.

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Ultimately, your clear speech will help you feel and come across as confident and capable when speaking English at work and beyond - all thanks to this English accent training!

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In this English pronunciation training you're going to find:

- Tutorials designed for speakers of your native language.

- Speech muscle exercises.

- Videos showing you precisely how to use English vowels, consonants, intonation & rhythm.

- Live feedback on your speech in regular Zoom training sessions.

- Mouth animations, quizzes, worksheets, audio tracks on the speech sounds, speech patterns, and intonation rules of Modern Received Pronunciation (neutral, non-regional British accent).

Tried and trusted by thousands of non-native professionals just like you, these Received Pronunciation classes will lead you to pronounce English clearly and use intonation confidently.

Klavdiya's Story

In 2021, Klavdiya was feeling under-confident in her English pronunciation. She was worried about making mistakes and felt a bit shy about expressing herself as she wanted to. With the Complete Pronunciation Course on repeat, she worked hard to improve her speech sounds, connected speech techniques, and intonation patterns. Now, after taking the training and especially the Complete English Pronunciation Course (included), she is so happy with her results!

Hear what she has to say and listen to her wonderful progress in this short video.

Before and After Pronunciation & Intonation Training

Klavdiya (Russian speaker) BEFORE accent training

Klavdiya (Russian speaker) AFTER accent training


This British English pronunciation training is for you if any of the following is true for you:

You sometimes find English words difficult to pronounce.

There are moments when people don't understand what you say.

You are an intermediate or advanced English speaker.

You find English pronunciation, pitch, and/or pacing, challenging at times.

You’re keen to learn British English pronunciation.

You’re willing to take some time to learn the sounds and speech patterns of English.

You're curious about learning features of the Modern British Received Pronunciation accent.

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Speech Sounds

Fix your speech sound errors step by step and master the 45 speech sounds of Modern Received Pronunciation

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Stress & Intonation

Learn the rules and exceptions of stress & intonation to sound more native-like when you speak English

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Connected Speech

Join your words together in a British-sounding way and make use of linking, joining, and deletion to sound significantly more fluent in English

After taking this training and practising regularly, your pronunciation will finally be clear and confident.

You don't need to let unclear pronunciation hold you back from achieving success in your life anymore. Perfect your English pronunciation permanently!

All paid training includes LIVE group workshops on Zoom

Hi, I’m Katie

I'm your UK-native pronunciation and speech coach.

With an MA Hons in Linguistics (University of Edinburgh) Katie is also certified by the International Phonetic Association. She has been a teacher since 2011, she is an English pronunciation specialist, and she has helped thousands of non-native clients from all over the world to master clear and confident English Pronunciation. This is your chance to work on your pronunciation with guidance from a true linguistics expert!