Anxious about speaking up in meetings at work?

Chronic native-language interference (transferring speech patterns from your 1st language) may make you feel ashamed or underconfident.

This shame frequently leads to anxiety when you have to speak in meetings and deliver presentations in English.

Very competent English speakers, just like you,
frequently get judged for having a strong foreign accent or find that they get asked to repeat themselves, which can be very frustrating, especially in a professional environment. Have you experienced this too? You are not alone. Many second-language English speakers who work in the UK or who work in UK markets feel that their strong accent is holding them back professionally and socially.

It is possible to master clear pronunciation and feel proud to speak up at work. Help is at hand:

Our top-rated pronunciation training will teach you the rules and exceptions of Modern Received Pronunciation, with a strong emphasis on

  • Mastering English-specific mouth shapes and movements

  • Developing British-sounding stress and intonation

  • Using real-life speech patterns in natural contexts

  • Navigating spelling to sound irregularity with greater ease (e.g. the nine different pronunciations of OUGH)

you can achieve perfect, clear pronunciation. You can make your English sound clear and easy to understand with a native-like rhythm and melody, thanks to the bestselling pronunciation programmes and e-books that you will find here on our site.

Ultimately, your clear speech will help you feel and come across as confident and capable when speaking English at work and beyond. With permanently clear English pronunciation, your skills will stand out rather than your accent and you will be better able to succeed in your English-speaking role.

Let's do this!